Tetsurō Ishigaki
Tetsuro Ishigaki.jpg

Japanese Name:

石垣 哲朗


January 24



Blood Type:



1st year


177 cm [5'9.6"]


59 kg

Voiced By:

Hideki Ogihara (Japanese)
Scott Gibbs (English)

Tetsurō Ishigaki (石垣 哲朗 Ishigaki Tetsuro) is the younger brother of Manami Ogura, the brother-in-law of Satoshi Ogura and a close friend of Kaito Kirishima and Kanna Tanigawa who has feelings for her, but he knows of her feelings for Kaito and he encourages a relationship between the two. He also develops a closer relationship with Mio Kitahara after knowing of her problems and her own crush on him. He later confessed to Kanna and knew she would reject it; he just wanted to not regret saying it.


Tetsurō has neck-length light blue shaggy hair, blue eyes and square-rimmed glasses, just like many other people in the series. His clothing choices are usually muscle tees or t-shirts with open button down shirts over it and rolled up dark colored pants.


Tetsurō seems to be an all-around savvy guy with females (to the point that he is accused of being a pervert by Kanna Tanigawa on many occasions) and he is easily able to smooth-talk a female teacher into giving out Ichika Takatsuki's body measurements. Despite his upbeat and joking attitude, he tends to cover the jealousy he has of Kanna Tanigawa's feelings for Kaito Kirishima with a smile (even though her love for Kaito makes him uneasy and depressed). Later in the series his self pity is resolved and he accepts defeat and becomes an emotionally stronger person and able to move on from the help of Mio Kitahara.

Trivia Edit

  • The name Tetsurō means "philosophy, clear" (哲) (tetsu) and "melodious, clear, bright, serene, cheerful" (朗) (rou).
  • Tetsurō's surname Ishigaki means "stone" (石) (ishi) and "fence" (垣) (gaki).

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