Mio Kitahara

Japanese Name:

北原 美桜


September 28



Blood Type:



1st year


157 cm [5'2"]


44 kg



Voiced By:

Kana Asumi

Mio Kitahara (北原 美桜 Kitahara Mio) is a good friend of Kanna Tanigawa. She has feelings for Tetsurō Ishigaki, and sometimes her thoughts seem to innocently go in a sexual direction. Despite being the most gentle and soft spoken of the group, Mio has shown that after her confession to Tetsurō and haircut, she has grown as an individual. She offers words of advice to Tetsurō on how to deal with his feelings for Kanna despite her own feelings towards him. She has shown that, while she may be timid at times, Mio is not only observant and selfless (a trait shared by Kanna and Tetsurō as well), out of her friends she is the most well rounded and has been described as "strong" by Tetsurō himself. After Tetsurō confesses his love for Kanna only to be rejected, Mio comforts and once again, offers kind words to him. While eluding the Federation, Tetsurō asks Mio on a date to the movies.


Mio has very long, thick brown hair(which she cuts later in the series) with light green eyes. She has a very kind hearted, welcoming, and innocent face. In the series she is shown wearing conservative clothing, such as long skirts and non-revealing tops(due to the fact she has a very large bust). Every time she is shown at home she is nude; she also sleeps in the nude (even when sleeping with Kanna) and dislikes wearing underwear. When confronted about this she says that her family are nudists, and that she hides this fact from everyone due to her embarrassment over her family's unusual lifestyle. She is shown to have quite sensitive skin as well, which complicates her other issues.


Mio is a very kind, understanding, and shy person. She tends to cry and blush alot, because she is embarrased easily. Despite her being shy, she has stated that love makes a person stronger. Due to the fact that she loves Tetsurō, that has caused her to become a stronger and a better version of herself.

  • Mio with short hair
  • Mio sleeping nude with Kanna
  • Mio at the festival
  • Mio embarrassed crying
  • Mio revealing her swimsuit at the beach